Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Getting back in the water

I am finally getting back into my good, long swim workouts. My school schedule has finally opened up enough that I can do so... It's always hard to get started again, but once I get back into it, I totally love it! 

I am filling out my papers for Catalina and sending them off. I am getting so excited for another big swim in 6 months. I am so glad that I was able to learn about all of these cool swimming things. 


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  2. I am anxious go swimming at the North Marina of Willard Bay again. I just hope the oil from the spill gets cleaned up soon.

    This time around I am trying to mix up my sprint and distance workouts, rather than just doing distance workouts all the time.

    Today was a sprint day with the following workout.

    5 X 300
    200 IM kick with a board
    4 X 50 flutter kick on 1:15
    100 dolphin kick on back
    Drills and Stroke Work-
    3 X 200
    12 X 50 on 1:00 (4 X through IM order)
    200 swim
    5 X 100 at race pace on 2:00
    Lung Buster
    400 swim (1st hundred breathe every 2nd pull, 2nd hundred breathe every 4th stroke, 3rd hundred breathe every 6th stroke, last hundred every 8th stroke.)
    4 X (4 X 25 1- 3 breaths, 2- no breather, 3- 3 breaths, 4 under water no breather)
    Swim/Cool down-
    600 swim

    Total yards 5,300 (3 miles)