Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Angry Swim for the Bear Lake Monster

A week and a half ago I got to particulate in the Bear Lake Monster Swim, swimming all the way across Bear Lake. My family headed up the Friday night and camped out so we wouldn't have to leave so early on Saturday  morning. I was a little worried about having to sleep on the ground just before doing a 7 mile swim; good thing I can sleep pretty well anywhere. I brought my friend Kevin, who was doing the race as well up with me too.

On Saturday morning we got checked in a all ready, but when it was time to head over to Cisco Beach for the start of the race, my dad, who had the car was no where to be seen. He didn't pull in until 8:15 even though everyone else had headed over at 8:00. I was worried about being late, so I helped to quickly get the boat in the water. We were all set to go, then at the last minute the boat wouldn't start. By the time my dad had fixed it and gotten everything running it was 8:40, and the race was starting at 9:00. Kevin didn't seem to mind that we would be a little late, but I was really annoyed. I always do my long open water swims just for fun, to do them, not for time. This was the first swim that I really had a solid goal time and place for.

By the time we got over to Cisco Beach, we were about fifteen minutes late. Gordon asked me, can you be ready to start in a minute and a half, that'll put you at exactly fifteen minutes later starting. I was ready. I jumped out and waited for the start. I started out fast, angry that I was already behind everyone else, and angry that my dad had been late. "I will just go ahead and my paddlers can catch up to me." I think in the 5 ish minutes that it took for my paddlers to get to me, I gained time there, because I didn't really have anything to spot, and I kept looking back to see if they were coming. They did catch up, and I was able to pick up my pace. Due to my late start, I made a new goal of catching up too, and passing 10 people. I was really pushing it hard to catch up. When I saw the first swimmer just ahead of me, I felt better that I was not so far behind everyone else. The water was calm and my stroke felt good the first half of the lake. My shoulder was really hurting, but I didn't think it was really affecting my stroke too much. About half way across the lake, the breeze came up and water became quite choppy. I thought the lake choppiness was more annoying the ocean waves, because at least those are a little further apart and have a pattern. This just added to my annoyance. Swimming always makes me feel good and relieves stress; I just think about the swimming and not anything else. This swim was so unusual, it was a bad swim; I was annoyed pretty well the whole time. At least I did make one of my goals, I caught up with the 10th person, just as I finished. My time was 10 minutes slower than my best Bear Lake crossing time, and 25 minutes slower than what I really wanted.

I was impressed with Kevin's swim. He did really well; the longest swim he had ever done was around a mile and a half, so that was a big thing for him to do. I was also happy that my boys I coach won the relay. It was fun to see them so happy about the race. Seeing them so happy about it, almost made up for my bad swim.

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