Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Reading Lynne Cox's Swimming to Antarctica

I just have to say, Lynne Cox is amazing! I love reading about all her swims. Last night when I was reading I came across a similarity or two to myself and I need to share. When she swam the English Channel in 1972 she just went down the list of pilot captains and went with the first one who answered her phone call. 
She didn't actively seek out the best pilot boat captain. But she later found out he was considered to be the best English Channel pilot. When I swam the English Channel in 2012 I did the same thing, I went with the first captain to respond to my email. Maybe that is the way to do it, because both Lynne Cox and myself had Reg Brickell. I did not see how this could really be the same person, because the Reg that I went would have only been a teenager at the time of Lynne's swim. Later in that chapter, Lynne talks about Reg Brickell Jr., the son, who is now an English Channel pilot as well, and is considered to be the best one just like his father. That is who I had, Reg Brickell Junior. Also, the name of Lynne's CSA official was Mickey, so was mine. Maybe they are related too. The other similarity that I found cool was that the next swimmer to go with Reg after Lynne, was attempting a double crossing, and the swimmer to with Reg Jr. after me did a double crossing. How cool to be able to share some of those with such an amazing lady! 

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