Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Preparing MIMS Registration

I have been busy preparing my registration forms for the 2014 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim. Last week I got my English Channel swim approved with NYC Swim and on Monday I just got my approval email for my Catalina swim. Today I had my physical, so with that, I think I should have everything reading to go. I am worried that I am missing something, and I want to make sure I really do have all that I need, because I am not very computer literate. Hope all goes well!

Catching back up to my Athletes

I had to to a little break from hard training so I could get my shoulder back in order. It was torturous not to be able to swim as much as I wanted. Between coaching swimming, teaching lessons, and being an assistant manager of a swimming pool, I am there so much. It's hard not to be able to work out when I am still at the pool six to eight hours a day. I like to swim with my athletes when possible, and I like to stay faster than they are. But with hardly any swimming, some of my athletes were giving me a run for my money-- this was a real motivator to get back in the water quickly. 

Now that the shoulder is doing better, I have trying to crank a bit. I'm still not inup the swimming the last two weeks and my shoulder has been great. I have to say even swimming about 3,000 yards three times a week has gotten me out of shape. The first week back with my five days a week of 5,000 ish yards was really hard. I felt so slow and awful in the water. 

I did the following workouts thus far this week: 

   1000 yd free
Equipment set: 
   5 X 500 yd (1= swim, 2= pull w/ paddles and buoy, 3= Kick w/ fins, 4= swim free fast w/ paddles and                            fins, 5= swim no equip. push hard) 
Swim set:
   2 X 200 yd IM on 3:15 target 2:50 
   12 X 100 yd ( 1-3= fly, 4-6= back, 7-9= breast, 10-12= free) on 2:15 for spec. on 2:00 for free
   200 yd stretch out 
                                                                                                                        Total yards= 5,300 (3 miles)

   5 X 100 yd free (each one increasing speed from 60% to 100%) 
   200 yd IM kick with board 
   400 yd pull alt. strokes 
   500 yd swim timed (target 6:30 or less)
Swim set: 
   3 X [ 3 X 100 yd R: 10 sec + 400 swim on pace]
Sprint set: 
   10 X 50 yd on 1:00 (hold :35 or under)
   20 X 25 yd ( 5 of each stroke, count strokes to work turn-over) on :45 
  2 X 400 yd lung buster (1st 100 breathe every 2 strokes, 2nd 100 breathe every 4 strokes, 3rd 100                                                   breathe every 6 strokes, 4th 100 breathe every 8 strokes) 
                                                                                                                     Total yards= 5,500 (3.1 miles)

6,500 meter straight swim                                                                                                           (3.9 miles)