Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Preparing MIMS Registration

I have been busy preparing my registration forms for the 2014 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim. Last week I got my English Channel swim approved with NYC Swim and on Monday I just got my approval email for my Catalina swim. Today I had my physical, so with that, I think I should have everything reading to go. I am worried that I am missing something, and I want to make sure I really do have all that I need, because I am not very computer literate. Hope all goes well!


  1. Did you submit your essay? I'm excited. Would be VERY COOL if we both got in! Have you figure out who will crew for you? They only allow two people. Both people need to be registered with the website. Cause when you register you have to specify who your crew is (and they won't let you change it once you're accepted). Then they need to go online after you specify them, and "accept" their positioning on your crew.

    Not that I've ever done this before, but this is what I'm hearing from folks in the know. Anyway. I'll probably call you on November first once I've gone through all the hoops to see if you're all set.

    1. I did submit my essay. I keep feeling like I am missing things that need to be done, but I believe I have everything in order. I am having my parents be my crew, because they have the most experience with helping out. They are out of the country right now though, so I had to register them, and do all their stuff for them.