Tuesday, April 22, 2014

1st Annual April Fools' Endurance Challenge

For this fun challenge to do ten 10k swims throughout the month of April; I decided to do my own take on it. Sometimes I swim 10,000 yards for my 10k, other times I swim a 10 kilometer swim. I am also doing a couple of 10 mile swims throughout the month as well. I decided my personal goal for this challenge is to get 62 miles of swimming by the end of the month to get ten times 10 kilometers as my total for the month.

I did my first 10 mile swim a couple of days ago, getting a new personal record for the longest swim I have done in a pool. I got to the pool and realized I forgot to bring the workout I had written, so I ended up just swimming my 17,600 yards pretty well straight through with a quick break at 10,000 yards.

 I have really enjoyed doing this challenge, because it is making me swim a lot further distances in the pool. I also love to have something to work towards. As of right now I still have four more of my 10ks to do.