Monday, July 7, 2014

Afternoon swim at Pineview- Last Open Water Swim before MIMS

I have a hard time going to do early morning open water swims because I am coaching during the mornings. Fortunately this summer I don't coach on Friday mornings, so I decided Friday, June 20th would be my last open water swim before heading to  New York. Unfortunately, I ended up not being able to make it int the early morning, so I had to go in the late afternoon. This meant that the boat traffic would be bad, even though I stay in the "no wake" zone. I roped my mom into coming up and paddling for me. I was planning to do 2 Goody loops to get 5 miles in. I hadn't realized how awful it can be to swim when it is that busy. I had also forgotten my good goggles that don't fog up too badly, so I couldn't really see anything. I ended up just doing one Goody loop and then doing a little extra after to get 3 miles in. 

I was sad to not get as much swimming in as planned, but the water was great! It was a great temperature and it was clear, and surprisingly high. Now I am ready for New York! 

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