Monday, July 7, 2014

Bountiful Informal Race June 4th

SLOW decided to host an informal .75 mile race at Bountiful Pond. I (almost) always swim alone, so I was excited to go and have some people to swim with. Plus it would be good practice for MIMS, since that is a race. I was called a couple of days before by Fox 13 News, saying they wanted to interview both me and Gordon about our upcoming New York swim. This event was a great place to  interview us.

I headed down to Bountiful, a little nervous about the interview and being filmed swimming, but I was just going to the race for fun. There ended up being 16 people show up for the swim, which was great--more than I had anticipated. Right around 5:00 p.m. we all entered the water and started the race from about waist deep. We were to go out past the first island, loop around the second island and come back. I started kind of slow, because I wanted to get out of the way of the other swimmers (I don't like to be crowded). I ended up finishing 3rd. It was this swim that made me realize how much of a distance mode or "rut" I am in. I like to try and keep it more balanced. It wasn't until half way  through this race that I started to catch up to people. I decided to spend the net couple weeks working on doing speed with my distance workouts. The water was a great temperature and it felt great to be swimming outside!

 Fox 13 Interview

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