Monday, July 28, 2014

Flaming Gorge SLOW Swim Trek

Salt Lake Open Water (SLOW) club leaders and members thought it would be fun do swim in different lake around the state, so they planned a swim camp weekend and Flaming Gorge. My family decided to tag along with me, so they could have a weekend out and so they could make sure the camper-trailer was ready for a big trip the next week. On Thursday evening we pulled up with the trailer and I was embarrassed, because everyone else there had tents. Great.

Anyway, we spent the weekend swimming and playing in the water. I skipped out on the early morning, Friday swim, because I wasn't feeling very well, but by the afternoon I felt fine. We all went to a beach, so the little kids could play while we swam.

We swam about 3 miles from the beach, back to the cove by our camp and back to the beach. The beach was just over the Wyoming border and our camp was in Utah, so we could say we swam from Wyoming to Utah and back; which was silly, but kind of fun. We spent the evening getting to know each other better, playing games, and having dinner. It was fun to get to know Gordon and his family better, Sarah and hers, Sue and hers, and Karl and his family better. I think it was good for my family too. They could hear all these other people talking about swimming and how much they loved it, and see that it is not just me who is a little crazy over swimming. That night a couple of us did a short one mile night swim from the cove by our camp. It was so beautiful! It was really dark with no light glow from cities, so the stars and the milky way were very clearly visible. The stars looked like they came straight down to the water. Once we had been swimming in the dark for a few minutes, my eyes adjusted and I could see the outline of the cliffs and mountains around the lake too. I love swimming in the dark. It seems like it would be scary, and it can be for the first minute or so. Then I remember that nothing is going to happen and it becomes incredibly peaceful. I feel like there is nothing in the world but me and the water. I love it.

Saturday late morning we decided to swim across the section of the lake by us and back. I thought this was a fun swim too. Sue, Gordon, and I were swimming the exact same pace, and Sarah was having fun testing out the drafting off of each of us. I didn't really worry about spotting much, I just stayed right with Sue to my left, only spotting every hundred strokes or so. When we reached the other side the water was clear and we could see the cool rock formations under the water. We spent e few minutes diving around looking at those before heading back. On the way back Sue and I picked up the pace and swam next to each other at a faster pace on the way out. Sarah and Gordon were just a few body lengths behind. It was a fun swim. Sue told me after that she wasn't really spotting much either, just relying on me and Gordon too. Maybe he was checking more. After we finished I was in the mood for more. The water felt great! So when Gordon headed back out to swim back with Cathi and Gary, I went too.

It was a great weekend of swimming and getting to be better friends with other crazy swimmers!

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